Support Ticketing System – Yearly

  • Support Ticketing System that allows the set up of canned responses to speed up response time on common issues
  • Additional Features such as Knowledge Base, FAQ, Canned Responses
  • Subscription is set up as yearly, reoccurring fee. You can cancel anytime.


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Great customer support is the cornerstone to most, if not all businesses. Without our Support Ticketing System, you will be able to efficiently support your customers. In addition, there are options to include multiple additional features such as the Knowledge Base system or FAQ.

The Knowledge Base system is great for supplying how-to articles to your customers, or customer support procedures for your employees. You can set articles to be internal or public-facing.

The FAQ is great for doing just as it says–providing answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

IMPORTANT: While there are free versions of the knowledge base and FAQ integrations, there are other versions of the integrations that might cost additional fees. For the purpose of set up and configuration, we offer a free version. If you decide you need additional enhancements or features, we can help you to upgrade your integration.

NOTE: This product automatically renews. You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to My Account > Subscriptions > [Subscription Name].

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